Unabridged Audio Books – The Art of Racing in the Rain

Unabridged audio books about human psychology through the eyes of the… dog.

I’m not sure whether it is a popular concept among audio books publishers, however The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein represents exactly such a story.

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Wise Words

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Readers who love dogs should be satisfied with this story as well as those looking for an easy yet meaningful reading about the struggles in our lives and ways to overcome it.

The Art of Racing in the Rain leaves cozy and warm impression after all and is worth to be put in Wise Words category with impressive ViralCheck score of 48%

Once Upon a Time…

…lived the dog named Enzo. Or should I begin with his master named Denny Swift?

In this book they are equal. In fact, Enzo seems to be much smarter and having much more life’s wisdom than Denny – race car driver facing difficulties in his personal and family life.

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Will Enzo help Danny to get back on track? Off course he will. However, the plot of this story is much more than sweet tale for pet lovers where dogs can speak and everyone smiles.

In fact Enzo is able to do everything but speaking.

He seems to be as clever as a human, yet he is incapable to speak his mind, so, Enzo needs to use other means if he wants to help Danny. These sincere efforts of the dog leave the reader with a smile on his face.

Racing, career, family, purpose of simple daily happenings – all this is covered in this story told by a storyteller with a tale and fur.

Last Step in Dogs’ Evolution Chain

Enzo is exceptionally clever dog. Literary mean to depict human life through the eyes of the dog has more than mere entertaining function.

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Wise Words

Ezno represents that “third voice”, impartial observer of life of human species.

This is not a new approach to human problems.

However Garth Stein manages to push this story into the next level above simple and common concept of “wise dog, friend of a family”.

Enzo tells us his story in an easy and compelling way. He is faithful to his owner and his efforts to help him are both touching and sometimes funny.

Among other unabridged audio books about human relations with dogs (o should I say – dogs’ relations with humans…) The Art of Racing in the Rain has its own original voice and feeling what makes this story a really good candidate if you want to listen to books online.

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