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Rules of Civility

There were no unabridged audio books at the time George Washington has copied his famous Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation originally compiled by French Jesuits.

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There was no need for that.

Decent people knew their rules and followed them (well... in most cases) being with people of their own kind. The rules of decent behavior (or what was called "decent" at those times) were spread as a word of mouth. Simple and effective.

New Edition of Rules of Civility

However, this time we are talking about fiction novel called Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. And this time in unabridged audio book format found in Amazon book online store.

This story takes us back from our times, yet forward into the future from George Washington's point of view, into 1937. The last day of 1937 to be exact.

At the times when people in America listened to Jazz and film noir epoch was just about to begin.

This retrospective to the times we sometimes imagine as being merely black and white (influence of film noir?..) is just a perfect environment for the author to develop the plot showing how the rules of civility were followed in those days society.

What Happened on the Last Day of 1937?

Katey Kontent, twenty five year old girl from middle-class spending her evening in no fancy jazz bar, meets Mr. Tinker Grey, handsome and rich banker from New York.

Little deviation – does anyone know why handsome rich man does always have to be called Grey? Allusion to Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

Since that night Katey begins to learn making steps on the slippery and dangerous stairway to first-class society. She learns well but not without ups and downs, because ranks of civilized society must be respected, rules of civility must be obeyed.

This unabridged audio book by Amor Towles doesn’t represent first-class society living as being something of undeniable value. It is rather mirroring that every social phenomenon has its own dark and bright sides.

However, the way from the working-class commonness to high-society’s halls of protagonist Katey Kontent is both intriguing and inspiring.

If you like life-success stories with drama elements written with care and feeling, novel Rules of Civility will be your good choice from Amazon book online store.

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