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Streaming audio books might be a good idea especially if we are talking about the story named The Company: A Novel of the CIA by Robert Littel.

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Just put your headphones on and enter the complicated labyrinths of spy world. After listening of about 900 pages long spy novel (more than 40 hours) you will have the right to call yourself a graduate of CIA introductory studies.

However, putting jokes aside…

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Being among the best spy fiction writers, Robert Littel has done a significant work depicting the period of Cold War in his book named The Company: A Novel of the CIA.

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As the name suggests the action evolves around CIA during the period of our history when two big nations held the finger on the red button.

Looking from today’s perspective these decades of psychological war uncovers a real treasury for historical fiction writers and fans.

However, online fans have welcomed The Company: A Novel of the CIA with some restraint – ViralCheck arrow shows 24% score. Maybe the very specific genre of the book has prevented this story to become more popular…

Being a perfect match for Coffee Break category, the story is a real escape for readers wanting to get an “insider’s” impression about one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world.

Streaming audio books about spies will bring you closer to that secret world.

Facts and Fiction. Good and Bad

No surprise there are lot of historical background in this story.

It would be impossible to depict CIA so lively and with such a precision without mentioning the end of WWII, fall of the “Iron Curtain”, separation of Europe and lot more points where two great powers have confronted each other.

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Coffee Break

There is no fundamental “good” and “bad” definition in this story as one could imagine seeing the main theme of this book.

The balance is kept, judgment of being good or bad is avoided. This feature makes The Company: A Novel of the CIA even more attractive.

The story is told through the eyes of several different characters playing one or another role in the huge apparatus of spies, undercover agents, secret information networks and games with human destinies.

Being so complex this story covers the whole period of the cold war.

Good often is impossible to separate from bad and vice versa. This would be the main idea of this story. And it persuades. Many events during the cold war period were simply too complex to be painted only with pure white or black colors.

You should put this title into your audio book catalog if you are ready for another good spy story.

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