Streaming audio books - Forbidden Fruit Tastes Better

Streaming audio books from Fifty Shades series? Forbidden fruit's parallel is not only about the content of this story.

The book itself tastes a little like forbidden fruit yet available in every bigger grocery store or even a gas station. What’s in it for me, you may ask seeing all those vibrant reviews, critics and gossips wrapped around this story ever since it came into the day light.
And it came with noise.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Born in one ePublishing community somewhere in Australia, raised with care and enthusiasm by countless online readers the story Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James is probably one of those sudden success stories other writers may be jealous about. But that’s another story.
Before streaming audio books from Fifty Shades series let’s go back to the question “what’s in it for you”.

The plot is simple and offers nothing new...

At least at first glance. A girl meets boy story where girl named Anastasia meets solid corporate boy named Christian. Christian Grey.

Guess what happens next? Sudden strike of chemistry leaving Anastasia and Christian no other choice than being together. At least try doing it. What causes such undeniable attraction?  The answer is simple and, at my humble opinion, is the key to the stunning popularity of this book.
Call it legal porn, basement bedtime story or even rude infringement of society's norms of decency. Whatever you name it, the answer is right. It seems E.L.James seems has found the bulls eye in adult literature and has aimed well. Balancing on the line of what's forbidden and indecent in the headlines of "normal" literature this story succeeds to intrigue an impressive number of people - be it potential readers or potential haters.
Seems that intrigue and taste of that forbidden fruit is the lucky formula of Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L.James.

What is This Book About Anyway?

To say this audio book is only about "that" thing would be to say only a half of true.

Weird sexual experiences are chosen as a means of expression of deeper meaning of the plot (however, many critics are arguing is it really worth to call Fifty Shades a literature). The plot reveals itself depending on the readers point of view. Said means of expression may be hated or loved, but they get the job done.

Characters of protagonists, hidden fears suffered sometime in the past and secrets buried deep beneath the casual surface - it all unfolds step by step turning the pages of the book.
It cannot be denied - this story intrigues. And shows a bit more than illicit practices in dark rooms behind velvet curtains. Could it show more sophisticated literature means than it did? Definitely. However, the trilogy is as it is and perhaps this rough way of telling the story is the most successful part of the whole project.

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