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A Memory of Light: The Wheel of Time

It all began back in 1994 when streaming audio books was hardly available thing. A lot has changed since then but not the popularity and admiration the epic fantasy story by Robert Jordan has caused during all those years.

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If you are not familiar with The Wheel of Time series you should travel back in time and listen to books online which are predecessors of this last one - A Memory of Light.

The first one is called The Eye of the World.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan and A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan (Brandon Sanderson) are separated nearly by 18 years of creation and boundless picture of imagination every fantasy genre fan should be familiar with.

What does this story actually keeps in it?

One Faith - Many Religions

This could be the formula used and deeply developed by Robert Jordan in his epic series. What do I mean with this?

A Wheel of Time is simply too large and too epic to be put in the boundaries of one world-view. Streaming audio books by Robert Jordan means being involved in fascinating mix of mythology, fantasy, general principles of Far East religions and various philosophical streams.

Every peace, even being taken from different religion or world-view, finds its logical place and meaning in this story.

At the end of all this - the everlasting fight between the Good and the Bad. Detailed magical characters the reader is able to follow throughout this story make this epic fantasy literature even more vivid and colorful.

Another proof that human imagination has no limits, thus, as always reading such stories, the reader wins.

What About the Last Three?

Robert Jordan didn't manage to finish A Wheel of Time series. However, one of his last tasks in this world before he has passed away was to draw guidelines which could be used by his follower in order to finish this story.

Brandon Sanderson was chosen by Jordan's widow to take the responsibility and lead A Wheel of Time to its end.
Was it a big surprise the last three books mostly didn't meet the expectations of the faithful fans? Brandon Sanderson did an amazing job, however. He followed those beacons left by Robert Jordan, yet he stayed himself.

It is impossible to mimic something like this story or someone like R.J. himself. Sanderson took his own path giving the last three books, including A Memory of Light, different touch and feel. His efforts to turn the Wheel of Time are worth your attention.

Either by streaming audio books or taking good old paper version in your hands.

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