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Listen to audio books online is always fun when you find such a story as Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

ViralCheck 26%
Coffee Break

What is ViralCheck?

This book is a real entertainer, especially for those who like secrets and… technology.

Because cyber technologies of digital society and almighty Google are closely involved into this story.

However, the focus of the plot lies not in technologies. It’s in medieval secrets.

Opinion of Digital Readers

ViralCheck 26% sounds quite impressive for an audio book published only couple of months ago.

listen to audio books online

It looks promising that this title will reach and affect even wider audiences. Just give this book more time.

Meanwhile, it receives pretty solid portion of attention from younger technology-oriented audience.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is an unexpected entertainment. And it earns its place in Coffee Break section. It’s easy, intriguing and funny story filled with catchy dialogues.

24-Hour Bookstore?

Bookstore is not McDonalds or some drugstore for sure. So why should it be open 24 hours a day?

Well, Mr. Penumbra runs a bit different bookstore. And has very unordinary clients.

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Coffee Break

Unemployed Clay Jannon (economic crisis strikes San Francisco hi-tech sector as well) seeks for a job.

He accidently discovers Mr. Penumbra’s bookstore and… gets the job (overnight shift) here.

Soon Clay begins to notice unordinary and strange things happening here, at the bookstore. Why is this bookstore divided into two sections, anyway?

Why ordinary clients may choose and buy books only from the first section?

And what are those strange persons coming into bookstore at any time (that’s why the bookstore is open 24 hours!) and asking for particular titles kept in the second section shelved 30 feet high?

Elegant Collision of Two Worlds

Try to imagine Da Vinci Code where the plot evolves in the world with cyber technologies, Google and young main character seeking to find the key to the secrets of his employee’s, Mr. Penumbra’s, business secrets.

Robin Sloan has found the right balance between these two worlds.

None is dominant, both are equally important and supplement each other. Friendship and warm feelings are not forgotten in this story too.

As well as social background of unemployed young people hunting for their chances.

However, mysteries and long forgotten (at least by many) secrets play the main role in this audio book. Interesting historical facts and lots of interesting information about books and publishing business itself makes this story even more attractive.

If you are fan of Da-Vinci-Code-kind of literature (with cyber elements), want to listen to audio books online and don’t know which title should be your first choice – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is my recommendation to you.

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