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In the third book by George R. R. Martin
the World of Westeros is back and brutal as ever as new characters, including a priestess of a god and Stannis Baratheon step forward.

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This book differs greatly from the first entry in the series.

While a Game of Thrones might have seemed like a historical fiction account, a Clash of Kings books review will quickly show you a brand new fantasy element.

A red flaming meteor scorches the sky of Westeros as the dragons return, and magic is finally reborn into the world and… into the ranks of readers seeking to listen to audio books online.

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Dragon is Awaken

The first book ended with the birth of the Dragon in the wake of Daenerys Targaryen’s mourning.

The death of her husband has shaken her, but it has not shaken her desire to cross the wasteland, attain an army, and stake her claim to the Iron Throne. Without the same ambition as her father and brothers, however, she may have trouble facing the dangers to come, whether it be sword, starvation, thirst, or even magic.

Behind the Politics
Free Game of Thrones Audiobook

Jon Snow leaves politics and life in general behind as he travels north of the Wall to investigate the vanishing of rangers, but soon discovers a much larger threat.

Meanwhile in the south, Stannis Baratheon marches on the Red Keep while the newly appointed ‘King’ abuses his power and makes defense preparations.

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Battle on the Horizon

As the stories of the Baratheons, Starks, and Lannisters are present and still quite fascinating, Martin weaves a tale of a world in turmoil, a world barreling quickly toward an inevitable end -- an end that can only result in a massive battle between rival factions.

The fate of these characters may yet be unknown, but it is clear that the battle for the Iron Throne is on the horizon, and it is unclear who will win, and who will fall. Winter is coming.

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