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Just double-click on free audio book download and World War Z by Max Brooks lands up in my mp3 player. Time to listen.

But why actually we like (or even love?) zombie stories?

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Why these poor crippled creatures cause such an interest and involvement among zombie literature consumers?

Every discounted online book store shall offer you at least a couple of titles known as zombie literature.

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So why?

Is it because we fell so cozy sitting "on the other side" and reading (or listening to) all those blood-and-thunder events? Is it because such kind of human apocalypse (different from epic failure of 2012) seems to be quite real?

Or... is it because, and this reason feels to be the most persuasive to me, it is so good to think tomorrow will be the day when suddenly there will be no obligation to go to work anymore?
Let's face it - whichever the reason it would be, there is always nice to feel that good old thrill while opening pages of another Z story. So, let us go back to World War Z available as free audio book download.

Why Should You Be Interested?..

..if you basically already know what will happen in this book?

Inception of disaster in some dark distant corner or underground lab. Breakthrough of plague in the whole planet. Hopeless efforts to stop it. Life after of left-human vs Zombie.

If you are looking for justification why you should grab yet another Z audio book, take a look at the reasons mentioned above.

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Nine times out of ten you would be right guessing the plot of the story.

This time with World War Z is a bit different. What we get here is the memories and stories of unconnected people from all over the world. Memories about what was happening, how and when - merely from the storytellers' point of view. This non-linear storytelling adds something new and refreshing to Z literature.
Stories are collected ten years after the break through of zombie disaster.

World War Z is an oral story (perfect candidate for free audio book download) told by different people without clear plot and action. It is a story as it would be told by your friend sitting at the camp fire at nighttime somewhere in the middle of woods.

Be Prepared For...

Still haven't packed out your bag after 2012?

Well done. Just leave it prepared. You will never know when this bag and its content might become the only one string keeping you in human world when Z hour comes.

And in the meanwhile - listen to the interviews by those who have survived the zombie plague.

World War Z is great collection of wisdom how to stay on the human side if that Z hour comes. Try your free audio book download and begin to listen.
However, in case you already know everything about preparation for zombie outbreak and the content of your rescue bag, World War Z by Max Brooks will still be a fun time spent with cold thrill.

You know... if not for educational than for entertainment purposes.

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