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Every now and then people were reading, re-reading and looking for more literature telling the stories about Change. Let me ask you one question...

How does it feel to follow your Life Legend?

The answer seems to be obvious - it is a great feeling. However, one must travel a long path until that feeling is found. Here are the preconditions to begin traveling your path. These are like prescription medicine - only helps if you strictly follow the informational leaflet.

Alchemist Audio Book by Paulo Coelho - Users' Manual

Let's begin with No.1 "Feeling of in-completeness". How will you be able to make your first move, if you feel complete and secure in your life? (noteworthy - even if you feel OK in general, No.1 may visit you unexpectedly, especially on Monday mornings).

Once you realize something's missing in your life you begin to wonder what went wrong with that "OK in general" life of yours. Or... you may try to ignore. Forget. Not to pay attention. Not to try your best.
If that's you, decided to stick with your "OK in general" life, sorry, the following words won't interest you much. Yet if you are ready to face the great Unknown and begin to change your life, accept my warmest welcome.

Step No.2 is ahead.
"Digging the Cause". It may lay just beneath the surface or it may be buried deep underground. Whatever it may be, that's precondition No.2 - find the cause of in-completeness. It may take week, year, ten years - no matter. It must be done. It requires much effort, yet that something you will find and drag into the sunlight may surprise you a lot.

However, best guess is that little something will be called "your unrealized expectations".

Precondition No.3 - "Do Something"

Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a short yet comprehensive manual on how to begin your journey. This story gives you beacons. Follow them. Think about them. Adopt and apply to yourself.
Free audio book download called Alchemist would be solid first step implementing the precondition No.3. Listen to yourself, learn, don't accept that tempting yet deceptive "OK in general" principle, listen and re-listen this audio book and one day...

One day you will realize you are telling your friend how breathtaking does it feel to follow your Life Legend. 

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