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Threat Vector by Tom Clancy

Threat No.1 and cheap audio books? What could be common between two such different topics?

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Audio book called Threat Vector by Tom Clancy is the right answer.

Being available as cheap audio book Threat Vector tells us a catchy story about something what US intelligence agencies are now officially calling as "Threat No.1"

What was world wide web once is becoming a world-wide-threat, giving material and inspiration for books like Threat Vector by Tom Clancy.

New Generation of Threat

Do you remember those times back in early 90's when hackers were associated merely with teen-agers societies, staring at their computer screens somewhere in disordered apartments, eating pizzas and drinking enormous amounts of energetic beverages?

Well... those times are long gone. The game became big and serious.

And when the game evolves into something serious, big guys become interested. Tom Clancy has touched this topic at its highest level. Bad guys in China attack USA. With one mouse click. The big game begins.

Is Science Fiction Still so Fictional?

Every science fiction fan knows this - science fiction has the ability to come to reality. Sooner or later, yet it comes.

Couple of days ago for the first time in history leaders of USA intelligence publicly acknowledged that cyber threat becomes Threat No.1 leaving terrorism in the second place. It is real and it is happening.

Tom Clancy takes this whole picture and uses it in very imaginative and still (thanks God) fictional way.
After "made in China" cyber-attack daily life in USA collapses.

Energy black-out, nuclear instability and unleashed drone aircrafts become the new reality. Reality that is not accepted by well developed characters of this story, including Jack Ryan JR and other names well know among fans of Tom Clancy.

The fight begins, unfolding us dynamic scenes, involving into cyber-territory where the danger may come from the most unexpected direction.
Your audio book catalog should contain this title if the genre of cyber-techno-thriller and questions about national safety disturb your peaceful night sleep. Good research, dynamic and detailed plot development turns Threat Vector into another catchy read by Tom Clancy.

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