Buy Audio Book Online – Stephen King and a Novel 11-22-63

You want to buy audio book online. You like Stephen King. Both statements fit to you?

If so, you should take a closer look at the Novel named 11-22-63 by Stephen King. The story is written in that classical ala Stephen King style which makes you feel like you are participating in the story by yourself.

Is 11-22-63 Viral?

ViralCheck shows it is. With 76% score it is really impressive and indicates that 11-22-63 is worth to be talked about.

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What is more interesting – this story contains no horror elements.

Stephen King seems to have a talent to attract readers’ attention and cause online buzz even without scary and creepy attic inhabitants.

Watching all this positive noise this story is spreading on the online waves, 11-22-63 is worth to be put to Big Hits category.

Time Story with a Different Spin

Time travels and historical fiction. Assassination of John F. Kennedy. Stephen King. You should buy audio book online if you like all these three ingredients. Because they fit well with each other.

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Depiction of details and characters in the Stephen King’s way and narration style is what makes this book such a good time grabber. You can’t say it’s unexpected.

You should probably already have a feeling what is this story about.

Lee Harvey Oswald can be stopped. Jake Epping is the protagonist who gets the chance to do that. He gets the access to the time portal which leads to the past… five years before the assassination of JFK.

New Life in Past

Jake Epping takes this mission, travels back and begins to create his new life in past.

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Five years before the day when Jake will make his efforts to stop Lee Harvey Oswald is quite a long time.

So, Jake has nothing more to do than begin to live a “real” life back in late 50s. The things become more and more complex and complicated.

It all finally comes to the point of decision where Jake has to chose – complete his history changing mission and stop Oswald or…

...abandon this great plan in order to save a life he has created during those five years in his new reality back in the past.

Knowing Stephen King and his master abilities of creating scenarios, the finish line of the story remains unpredictable until the last pages.

Or until the last minutes since novel 11-22-63 is also available among other audio books for free.

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