Your Books Resources

What would be libraries without books resources? Internet without millions of useful resources?

Below is the list (still small yet having ambitions to grow) of valuable resources I have found on the net. It’s about (or is going to be about…) writing, books, audio books and similar stuff associating with...

...white sheet of paper and pencil in your hand. In digital kind of way, off course.

One more thing…

If you feel this list is missing something and that little something happens to be your website, comment or anything else (your new published book?...), feel free to contact me via the Contact form and we will have a cup of coffee (in digital kind of way, again) and exchange our ideas.

  • How To Write Anything - A comprehensive web site providing step-by-step tutorials on how to write well in many different niches, communicate more effectively, and lead empowered lives. Edited by a Fortune 100 professional writer with over 20 years of experience.

  • Books Resources on Audio - leads you back to homepage of NewFoxBooks. In case you have missed the audio book you have been looking for since last Friday!