Books on Audio – Where to Find and How to Listen

Books on audio are quite common research topic on the internet these days.

No surprise, since audio books expand their market share every year. Already 43 per cent Americans age 16 and older have tried one or another form of digital reading (according to public survey published 5 April 2012).

This trend does not deny that good old feeling of printed book. However, new digital forms of media – in particular audio books, have serious advantages which are fun and easy to try.

Audio Book Downloads

You may easily download public domain audio book.

“Public domain” means copyrights of one or another title have expanded already and now this book belongs to all. Having said that it is worth to know that copyrights last long…

And what about books on audio written by popular authors of today? Big hits, latest trends, topics of main media headlines? provides you with information how to find and download a free copy of almost any author you want. One free copy will be yours after you will make several simple steps. It is worth trying even for those of you, who have never listened to any audio book before.

Having a book in your headphones or car stereo system gives you great new possibilities to enjoy latest literature when you are on the move. No need to take your beloved armchair and reading-glass with you.

Audio Books for Free

Did you know that statistically audio book reader consumes 25 books per year?

With the “normal” average of less than 10 books per year it is clear that audio readers belong to the most reading part of society. Audio books’ consumers like to read in all formats, however, this time you are in front of amazing audio books resource.

It’s time to become audioactive. Follow the instructions how to get your free copy of your chosen audio book.

You will definitely not regret being able to experience new places, times and events through your headphones.

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