Blackstone Audio Books – Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Blackstone audio books collection has received one more additional jewel back in 2008. Legendary socio-philosophical story named Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand has been narrated by Scott Brick.

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Written in 1957 this story still belongs to the most famous fiction based literature works about liberalism, government regulation and…

Objectivism as a philosophical concept.

What Readers Think 50 Years After?

More than fifty years have passed since first publishing of Atlas Shrugged. And we still speak about it.

Even Blackstone audio books team has selected this book as a candidate worth to be narrated in audio book format. This must have been quite a difficult work since the book is almost 1000 pages long (63 hours audio file!).

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During its long life this book received many controversial reviews – from total rejection to worshiping as a life-changing literature work.

Well… I guess it always depends on the social and political views of readers.

No matter the controversies, Atlas Shrugged has reached solid 75% ViralCheck score and finds its place in Wise Words category.

Why? Because literature indeed may influence peoples’ lives. Atlas Shrugged has shown (and still shows) this particular ability.

From the Business Perspective

There was even a movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 created upon this story.

It didn’t receive many sympathies (according to IMDB score) from movies lovers; however, it is an interesting peace for all business fiction fans.

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Wise Words

Anyway, check audio books online store for this title if you want to get a deeper impression and feel the extent of the book.

Business-government relations, big plans, big losses and idea of free entrepreneurship – these would be the main ideas describing the plot.

By the way, the story is still very applicable in today’s world of financial crisis, Euro zone debt issues, strict governmental regulations and social disorders.

Atlas Shrugged basically is a philosophical book using literary means and fictional characters to make the idea easier to understand.

The idea is simple – collectivism is dangerous. As is strict governmental regulation too.

Fictional Things

Taggart Transcontinental represented by Vice-President Dangy Taggart is a prosperous railroad business. Being a family business it has long lasting traditions and has its strong place on the market.

Yet, the government “happens”. More control, more backdoor agreements, more taxes. Power begins to shift.

Then odd things begin to happen. The more government expands its powers, the more productive and successful people from society begin to disappear… The whole socio-economical system becomes endangered.

What’s happening?

I cannot promise you a quick answer. However, it is worth to dedicate more than 60 hours for this literature work for those thinking about “rights and wrongs” of our modern society its obvious diseases and its still unreleased potentials.

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