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The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro should attract your attention as a good time consumer.

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Is there value in this story? Yes.

Like I said before, you won’t regret the time spent traveling through all galleries and secrets of art business lively depicted in this story.

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Taking into account the release date of The Art Forger (October 2012) this story has already earned a solid starting position with ViralCheck 24%

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Author’s knowledge about art industry and one of the founder’s of Impressionism – Edgar Degas – makes this book a valuable and attractive read for everyone at least slightly interested in art, painting and impressionism style.

Fictional plot is filled with meticulous details about impressionism techniques. Surprisingly, such a detailed art analysis doesn’t bother at all.

On contrary, art “forgery” process grabs your attention and keeps it until the end of the story.

Definitely one of the audio books to download free that enriches Coffee Break category and is worth your attention.

How to Forge Art?

Since impressionism was mentioned before, it is no surprise the plot of this story is closely related with paintings of Edgar Degas’.

In particular with his masterpiece After the Bath. The work was stolen and disappeared two decades ago; however it shows up in our story and in life of the protagonist – Claire Roth – artist hardly trying to finally get acknowledged as a “real” painter.

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Coffee Break

Meanwhile Claire is making her living by making copies of art works and selling them online.

Not a glorious path for a woman dreaming to show her talent for wide audiences one day.

However, things are evolving in a quite unexpected way for Claire. Being so good at art forgery “business” she gets an offer from well known and respected gallery owner to paint a copy of Degas’ masterpiece After the Bath.

If she does it, she will get her moment of fame and possibility to begin a professional artist career she always dreamed of.

Deal with Conscience

It turns out that gallery owner is in possession of the stolen Degas’s painting. His plan is to sell forged art – perfect copy of the original masterpiece – to a potential buyer.

Claire’s role becomes very obvious in this scheme. What will she do?

This question of “right and wrong” is not the only that troubles Claire.

She falls in love (or at least deep admiration) with the owner of stolen Degas’ painting. Details are connecting with each other as the story evolves. Greed of art collectors, seek for career and acknowledgement in art fields, love, crime and intriguing questions with no “right” answers.

All this, melted into one intriguing and catchy story, you will find if you pick this book among other available audio books to download free.

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