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Adult romance audio books on mp3? You know what distinguishes adult romance category from teenagers’ romance audio books? 

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Admitting that distinguishing line in our days is getting more and let's call it flexible, Fifty Shades Freed as well as both its predecessors of Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L.James without question stands on the adult side of the mentioned line.

Romance Audio Books in Adults' Kind of Way

If you read the previous two titles of this trilogy, and I deeply suspect you did, you are already familiar with this adult romance genre and the way it is represented in the trilogy of Fifty Shades.

If you haven't read previous books yet, begin, well... from the beginning. All others already having consumed Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker either as audio books or paper copies may take a closer look at the last third part of this story.

Is it possible to make a spoiler for this story?

Perhaps, if the main events of Fifty Shades Freed would be provided in this review in detail. Needless to say, there is no need to do it.

The only thing I will disclose is that relations of our two main characters are moving into "happily ever after" direction. At least it should do so. There wouldn't even be a book if everything would go smoothly and nice.
Shades still remain in protagonists' minds and need to be defeated in order to see that promised "happily ever after" at the end of the story.

E.L.James is trying to show how things and daily life is changing after the marriage of Ana and Grey. However, expectations do not necessarily meet the true situation and here it is - we have the conflict of this story.

How to make it work? That would be the most exact question defining the struggle of woman and man characters in this story.

Any Wider Context?

Just like with previous Fifty Shades audio books on mp3, ability to see the wider context of these adult romance audio books mostly depends on one’s point of view.

First, point of view towards adult kind of literature overstepping the line quite deeply. Second, point of view towards the wider context, namely - position of man and woman in our society.

Here's more from 50 Shades series...

If the first point of view may be understood relatively easy seeing Fifty Shades trilogy at top 100 lists of best selling books', the second point of view raises much more controversies. Are we going to analyze these controversies in more details here?

Definitely not.

Even brightest minds in human psychology science sometimes struggle to find that-one-correct-answer when it comes to relations between a woman and a man.
What can I offer you - download audio book named Fifty Shades Freed if you were convinced by previous two parts of this story. Read it, listen to it and decide what you think. Not so many audio books on mp3 I know have raised such debates among readers.

One to zero Fifty Shades is winning.

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