Audio Books MP3 -
Digital Storytelling and Broken CD Changers

Since book consumption in audio books mp3 format seems to double its popularity every year, it is worth to take a plunge into the inexhaustible world of titles already available as audio books.

There is one issue though…

Chances are you already got lost among endless titles. I will help you with that.

Lost Among Titles

What you get from this site – suggestions of books which have made smaller or bigger influence (most likely bigger) on readers minds.

What happens when reader is satisfied and flooded with ideas and thoughts about the story she has just finished?

That’s right – satisfied reader says her word to others about the entertaining time she just had. Since we are online, we look and listen what readers say about stories in different digital formats.

Be it audio books mp3 or audio books CD – format doesn’t matter.

The Story is the Thing That Matters

This page is dedicated to fiction books. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at fiction books listed on this page below. All titles there may be downloaded as MP3 audio books free. All you have to do is to choose the one that interests you the most.

Why these particular titles?

Selection is made following the criteria of “online buzz”. This main filter is called ViralCheck and visible with every book description on this site.

Fiction audio books (or authors) which are really worth of your time are listed below...

Off course, leaving thousands of other good books aside, but… This site doesn’t seek to cover all of them or be an exhaustive list “of the best” (is it possible at all?).

“Be noticed or disappear” – tough but common principle in books market. Fiction audio books in mp3 format below have been noticed by the audience. Some of them are so famous and even epic that online buzz about and around them is unthinkable.

These books and authors took the best places in the house of this review site.

Audio Books CD Changer...

The old thing has broken. Somewhere in the middle of the epic story about laser swords and loyalty. Not even touched the tale of love story under Italian sun surrounded by ruins…

Get yourself a good digital listening device before tasting stories from this list. There are many hours of audio books MP3 format in front of you.

Remember, the titles are collected taking into account the echoes they have made in online world.

Don't miss this audio books' list!

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