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Fox’s source of audio books for download offers a story from so called holiday fiction category - A Winter Dream by Richard Paul Evans.

Genre by itself tells us this story is for your free time entertainment.

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Wise Words

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Being related with a biblical story about Joseph and the coat of many colors, this book is not some complicated philosophic work as one could guess.

It is worth reading, however. And is “consumable” really fast. Let’s take a peek what you will find on pages of A Winter Dream.

Strong Newcomer Written by Experienced Author

Not so many audio books for download released on 2012 can be proud of ViralCheck 33% score.

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It seems this fictional story being a contemporary mirror-image of ancient Bible tale has attracted many readers’ minds.

Especially during winter holidays season.

Richard Paul Evans has the talent to tell sensitive and touching stories using simple yet persuasive literary means.

Therefore this book is a bit more than simple holiday entertainment. Notwithstanding its simplicity it is worth being in Wise Words category.

Who said wise words have to be complicated anyway?

Advertising Business, Greed and Exile

Joseph Jacobson is the main character in this story. He is one of twelve Jacobson brothers working in family advertising business.

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Wise Words

This is not a cozy family business, however. Money, power and greed seem to be the main compounds of Joseph’s brothers’ thoughts and intentions. Since Joseph is father’s favorite he is likely to be the heir of advertising business.

Brothers are not going to let this happen.

Joseph looses everything. His job, his career, his home. Even the woman he was going to engage soon. Seems like his life must be started from scratch.

Joseph faces new start. Since this story is so easy and enjoyable reading, you can’t accuse the author painting everything in such bright and optimistic colors. Otherwise this story would lose that little something what makes it so inspirational and warm.

If you were looking for audio book online download with happy ending, A Winter Dream is the right choice for you.

Mirror-Image of Biblical Story

Joseph and a coat of many colors story was the inspiration of A Winter Dream.

The author tries to mirror the wise thoughts of this biblical story and retell them using the words and characters from our today’s world. Just like the biblical character, Joseph must survive downfalls in his life.

He struggles hard enough, he doesn’t give up. He has faith. And he gets his reward at the end. You must overcome many difficulties and fight for your dreams.

This would be simple yet persuasive truth A Winter Dream is telling you.

Easy reading, wise thoughts and happy ending – isn’t it audio book for download you were looking for?

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