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Audio books for download from adults section?

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James suddenly became one of those rare books (rare at least in my reading horizons) people are talking about with either THAT strange smile and clever face, or... do not talk about it at all.

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But let us put aside what distinguishes these two categories of readers, at least for a while.

Even without this exotic context Fifty Shades of Grey is worth mentioning as one of those sudden stories of success from writers and publishers point of view.

Australian online e-publishing community was the place where this title was literary born and raised. Even without loving hand of multinational corporate publisher the trilogy about shades has conquered Top-100-Bestsellers lists. Warning sign for big publishing guys?

Maybe. But that's another story. Not about audio books for download. So was it a context (and content) that made this success possible, anyway?

Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey I have learned new abbreviation BDSM, so thoroughly explained in Wiki (I wouldn't tell you I knew it before even if I did..).

Well, BDSM seems to be THAT factor making this story so exotic and causing all those secret smiles or "I-will-never-read-such-a-book" type of answers.

What's behind that factor?

Pretty simple, many critics say, even pretty weak, story about a college girl named Anastasia Steele and rich and powerful corporate boy named Christian. Christian Grey. Nothing new under the sun.

They meet each other and the lightning strikes. Call it karma, call it luck or curse, but these two people cannot live without each other anymore. It is important to say - their relations are not something we usually call "and they lived happily ever after".

Not at all.

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BDSM is one strong and imperative pre-condition dictated by Mr. Grey in order to keep their relations going.

Since young Anastasia is so deeply in the need (love?) for Christian, she accepts his conditions. Action begins and at this point readers split into two opposing camps. 

Is this It?

Nothing more than dangerous balancing on the line between adult reading and peace of decent literature? Admitting the line may be stretched into one side or another, Fifty Shades of Grey offers more than reading suitable for adult section only.

If it didn't, we wouldn't see this story shining on top 100 lists. What more does it offer?

Well, it depends on your imagination. I'm not saying anything rude with this. What you may see in this story and beneath its rough surface is turbulent love story with lots of underwater reefs.

Sorry for romantic expression, however, it is quite interesting to follow this story seeing how the ship of their relations is dangerously closing to those reefs. Is it about love? Or is it about simple pleasure?
The answer may be different depending on the reader. And don't ignore that exotic background of this story. It's like the secret society you will enter after you join the followers of this book.

Finding it in books online stores as an audio book will pour even more spices to this controversial meal.

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