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However, this time I will share some moderate critics. You know, fantasy-fan-no-matter-what kind of criticism. It means, I loved the story, however, I will share my doubts about it as well.

Criticism with Love

The Feast of Crows is a good addition to the series but definitely not quite up to the standards of the previous books.

I’ve seen that a lot of other reviewers are falling to one extreme or the other about the book. Some are saying the series has totally jumped the shark, whereas others just blindly state that everything Martin writes is the best thing ever written.
Since you are reading this review, try this Game of Throne audiobook free download and build opinion of your own. The story is worth your time.

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I think it’s very much a case of being right dead in the middle when it comes to Feast for Crows. For example, it’s quite a stretch to say that Martin isn’t developing the plot at all.

He clearly is. But when it comes to this book in particular, it seems the fact that Martin had to split it in half due to needing to get a new book out fast has had a big effect.
There are so many side plots in this story that seem “spur of the moment” rather than integrated from the beginning. An example is the prophesy Cersei apparently heard from an early age. It basically came out of nowhere.

This event is indicative of what happens throughout the entire book. Side plots and new revelations seem to come out of nowhere. Martin seems to be having trouble with this kind of thing, letting the seams show. It kind of breaks the story for me sometimes to be honest. I know it shouldn’t but it does.
But overall, it was still pretty good, as long as I can get my brain to accept the random happenstance.
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