Audio book English – The Night Circus

Audio book English narration didn't disappoint me this time.

While sometimes it feels better to read than to listen, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is narrated in perfect and persuasive English.

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The story introduces us to the world of magic and... love. Each ingredient - magic and love - is worth to be mentioned separately.

Since one ingredient delights every user of magic from beginners to experts’ level, the second disappoints a bit. Still, it doesn't ruin a book. Not at all.

ViralCheck arrow vibrates at 67% and the story makes itself comfortable on the shelf of Coffee Break books.

Have You Read Harry Potter?

If you think the whole HP story was meant to be merely kids’ and teenagers’ story (and you are neither a kid nor a teenager anymore), I suggest you shouldn't pick The Night in Circus.

Some say it's for teenagers only.

Off course, teenagers can read this story and be happy about that. However, my point is, this audio book English narration and the plot of the story will convince every fan of magic and adventures - no matter the age.

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So, where does the magic of the book and magic in the book come from? The plot takes us back to year 1880.

Two experienced magicians - real magicians, not illusionists - compete with each other. Seeking for more sophisticated form of competition they agree upon one thing...

Two young people - Celia and Marco, are the main characters in the book and... they are the object of the agreement those two magicians have made.

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Celia and Marco become disciples of each of the competing magicians and find themselves trapped in the different competing camps. Long years of hard learning and reticence lifestyle waits of them.

Cirque des Rêves is the circus travelling around the world with its always unexpected program and venue.

It is only open at nights what adds an interesting flavor to the whole concept of magical world and makes a hint to the dark magic.

Celia and Marko travel along with the circus, scrupulous learn their magical lessons and prepare their tasks till finally... they fall in love with each other.

Their masters are not happy.

What Convinces and What Does Not

Depiction of magic and life in the world with magic is the strongest part of the story.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern should find its place in your online book library if you like to look at the daily things from a slightly different point of view. Do you think (or at least - you like thinking in such a way) there's a bit of magic everywhere around us just waiting to be noticed?

If so, grab this audio book English narration and you will get 13 hours of guaranteed fun.

Love story is the weaker part here. It looks a bit clichéd and it feels like "nothing new". Shortly - love story of Celia and Marco does not convince. Yet, like said before, it does not ruin the book.

Pages filled with magic and the world of "different things" fully compensates shortcomings of romance which lefts the reader with some kind of synthetic feeling.

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