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Amazon audio books present the second book from grey stories by E.L.James. Why stopping something so vibrant and well accepted on readers' market?

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 That was probably the question of the author seeing enormous luck of the first book in Fifty Shades of Grey series and crowded book shops online. Or was it a choice based not only on entrepreneurial insight?

Fifty Shades Darker is about... about the continuance of the broken up story which seemed to be finished at the end of first audio book. 

The mere fact that this story is split into three parts already supposes E.L.James desire to tell readers' about dark and hidden places of our minds was not exhausted after finishing the first book.

In fact, Fifty Shades Darker audio book is a logic extension of its predecessor. What would two people do if they suffer such an undeniable attraction for each other?

Some may argue the answer in "real life" would not be so plain and simple. And such opinion definitely would hold its arguments.

However, the author has chosen more predictable way in terms of the context of this story. If the reader is convinced there might exist such a desire no matter the consequences (...and circumstances...), the whole trilogy will reveal itself as a drama between two different yet connected worlds. 

It is quite easy to guess that...

...Ana comes back to Grey, the story repeats and begins to evolve even further. This evolution of the plot seems to be the savior of the whole Fifty Shades project.

It is time to dig deeper and begin to reveal those hidden secrets of both characters. It would be hard to convince the reader protagonists of this story are acting in such a way just for fun (although such scenario is not impossible either...).

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So, step by step we are going closer to source where it all begun. Grey is trying to forget past, Ana seeks to fight her feeling of insecurity.

Does the plot and reasoning convince?

In case you do not believe any woman could choose such a way as Ana did, there is a great chance Fifty Shades Darker won't entertain you so much.
Going into that forbidden-erotic-secret desires land is always related with the personal believes and views of the reader. This leaves us in a bit undefined situation where it is impossible to say whether this story is "good literature" or not.

What is really clear - the second book intrigues the audiences as much as the first did. 

Bestseller on Amazon Audio Books?

Yes, it is. Actually, it doesn't surprise much. Having in mind the crowds of followers after the first book.

Can anyone build real relations on such a questionable foundation? It seems this question has intrigued lots of Amazon audio books fans. Readers' rate for Fifty Shades Darker is very solid as well. The choice is yours.

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