ViralCheck - Do Readers Speak?

Sometimes book reviews may be a little “overheated”. Saying this I mean those screaming titles and critic’s reviews stuffed with words like “best-amazing-unforgettable”.

Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are not. That is the main reason why and how the idea of creating something like ViralCheck has born.

Review by Word of Mouth

I believe book review has to be a valuable, honest and useful. Readers browsing random for books are interested to see how this or that book is judged overall. How is it welcomed by the market – its readers?

Here comes ViralCheck...

It’s a kind of mix constructed from measurement and evaluation methods telling you how much impact your chosen title has on the social media and various groups of readers online. Impact on the internet is measured by word of mouth. Has the book become viral?

If readers make a lot of online buzz about some particular book – maybe this book is worth speaking of?

How to Understand ViralCheck Score?

The score simply shows how many readers and critics attention each particular title attracts on different kind of online media.

Most important thing – the book that got let’s say


ViralCheck score is in no slightest detail worse than the book enjoying let’s say


What does this online buzz means to you?

ViralCheck will be useful for you while browsing among hundreds of titles online.

It’s like a recommendation to read from those readers, bloggers and critics who are already familiar with that particular book or author.

ViralCheck philosophy is based upon presumption that good books do not stay unnoticed.