Stephen King Audio Books Time to Hear another Horror Story, Kids

One question before listening to Stephen King audio books. How creative you think Mr Stephen King is?

ViralCheck 67%
Coffee Break

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The answer - creative enough to be afraid to look under his own bed at night.

The author told this fact once. Every writer qualifying himself as a horror stories creator should have this feature.

Even if it disturbs the quite night sleep. Such imagination is good news for Stephen's fans. Or readers of Stephen King eBooks. The form doesn’t matter. Content is the king here.

Any Solutions?

Sometimes you need to stop. Even if the story doesn’t want you to go away. One of the solutions I have discovered recently was Stephen King audio books. There’s plenty of supply of them online.

Put the headphones on and you will be able to follow the story not only during your Coffee Break

By the way, if you see another person with headphones on the street, chances are this person is captured by one of Mr King’s stories too.
It is possible taking into account the immodest ViralCheck score of 67%

Where is my Mind?

Have you noticed how few “real” monsters and all kinds of ugly beasts play their role in books of Stephen King?

stephen king audio books

This is one of the biggest distinctions this writer has making him so unique. He doesn’t need monsters to make you scared.

He lets your imagination to do the entire job. I love how Mr King loves tiniest details in his stories.

Scattered all around the place these little pictures gather together when they need to.

The whole complete picture play games with your imagination. What hides behind that door? Don’t think you may simply open it and see. It will open and reveal its secrets when the time comes. Meanwhile, what do you do?

Most likely you sit and read like crazy. Each of Stephen King audio books may open the doors of the story in many unexpected ways. Your imagination does the rest.

Inspired by Legendary Non-Vampire

Does the title “I am Legend” tell anything to you?

More titles from category...

Coffee Break

Correct, there was a movie. Perfect piece of post-apocalyptic genre with Will Smith and ugly used-to-be-humans. However, there was a book long before that.

Back in 1954 Richard Matheson wrote a book with the same title.

The rumour is Stephen King was inspired to begin his career as a writer after he read this book. Ever since that moment Mr King remains faithful to his style of writing.

No matter what the storyline is about or how many Stephen King eBooks you have read, it is that kind of strange magnetism holding you to every new story.

Giving you the feeling you’ve been in this story by yourself.

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