Star Wars Audio Books
What Would Master Yoda Say?

Talking about Star Wars audio books there is no need to represent the story itself (it’s even hard to call this phenomenon as a series of books).

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Star Wars audio books give you a key to the entire galaxy of creation, which every science fiction fan should be familiar with.

“The must it is” would Master Yoda probably say. Was he ever wrong? Star Wars online story is incredibly popular among many other science fiction ebooks.

How Many Stars?

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star wars audio books


controversial thoughts come to mind trying to decide whether to put this story to Wise Words, Big Hits or Coffee Break category.

Star Wars story has earned its place in every of these categories.

Yet, after I will finish my studies in Jedi philosophy I will probably put Star Wars into the Wise Words category.

But for now…

Since Coffee Break would be too simple description for such a phenomenal creation, I will choose the third way – Big Hits

Cultural Phenomenon

How should you feel when you create the entire new world?

Back in 1977 when first Star Wars movie took its step to cinemas, George Lucas began his journey through the Old Republic and Empire. He wasn’t left unnoticed.

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Big Hits

The power of creator has been unleashed.

I’m not sure whether they have patented that sound of laser sword, but I bet you hear it in your ears while reading these words. As if these science fiction eBooks would be already downloaded into our heads.

The thing is this story has grown together with many of its followers.

It has anchored very deep in our minds becoming the part of western pop culture. So, the choice to re-read Star Wars audio books via your headphones might be really sound decision.

We read books (over and over again), we saw all the films (waiting for new releases to come) so, meanwhile, we may try to experience this old story from the new different angle.

And for this purpose listen to Star Wars story and imagine what you hear. It will be like a personal movie in your head.

From Stars to Earth Battle for Audience

You may claim statement about cultural phenomenon is a bit hyperbolic.
Perhaps the truth is on your side.

However, even Volkswagen corporation used Star Wars theme in their commercial presenting new Passat model. One minute length was enough to draw multinational attention and become viral.

What we see in battle for audience is an undoubted victory of imagination.
Hope Master Yoda doesn’t mind being in the highlights again.

He should be used to this already.

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