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Read free books online by Japanese author Haruki Murakami if fiction drama has bored you already but you are not ready for pure science fiction either.

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Coffee Break

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Definitely it is not easy to be one of the protagonists in most of Murakami's stories.

Usual people finding themselves in highly unusual situations, with unusual characters around them and unusual decisions to make.

That's what all is about.

Story stuffed with lots of such "unusuals" just showed up among online books for free. Unusual title - Hard-boiled Wonderland and The End of the World, is just a beginning.

Thoughtful Time Consumer

Since you may choose and read one of Murakami's online books for free, beware of your time.

Read free books online

Reading hours are passing as if they were sucked into the vortex of time and space created by the author.

It seems Murakami is simply not able to write boring books. This one definitely falls into the listing of perfect Coffee Break collection with final ViralCheck showing 50%

Really, nothing unusual if you will grab another story by Murakami once you will finish Hard-boiled Wonderland and The End of the World.

Gourmands’ meal served directly from Japan. For curious readers only.

Really Different

If Hard-boiled Wonderland and The End of the World happens to be your first book by Murakami, be ready to experience unexpected.

Why so dramatic?

More titles from category...

Coffee Break

Just because once you begin thinking you have an initial view about the plot already, strange things begin to happen.

It seems these "happenings" shouldn't even be there, in life of our protagonist. However, like said before - it's not an easy destiny to get a role of protagonist in one of Murakami's stories.

There are other good books by Murakami (like Norwegian Woods, for example) where the plot evolves in one time and space.

Still, if you are looking for a really different reading, try Hard-boiled Wonderland and The End of the World.

Mixed Up but Not Without Hope

The inner space of human's mind is what Murakami analyzes in this book.

Without disclosing the scenario of this story it is worth saying that all mixed up pieces begin to build one sound picture once the story goes further.

Strange things going around in Hard-boiled Wonderland begin making sense once scenario in The End of the World (the name of the place it is) gets its shape.

Never trust the reality or at least be critical to what you are taking as "reality" - the author sends such message. Parallel realities mixed and depending on each other are not impossible.

Since the possibility to read free books online by Haruki Murakami is open to you, test the power of your brain and begin with this title. Just don't get it wrong - no swampy inner analysis here.

Compelling transcendental thriller told in an easy yet very descriptive manner would be a better description for this book.

Finally, Murakami loves details but doesn't make you bored with them.

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