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Wise Words

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Such story as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is more than worth to be shared with and read by everyone.

Many readers took this story as a simple yet comprehensive guide to a better personal reality. Though it doesn't happen with all the books we read, some of them come and change our lives.

On Search of Signs

The Alchemist was (and still is) one of the most influential books written by Paulo Coelho. What does it tell to the prospect readers?

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Don't make a mistake and don't treat this story just like another "self-guidance, positive-thinking" story.

Thanks to his simple yet very persuasive writing manner, Coelho gives us more than usual "change your life with positive thoughts" story.
The lessons of this story are not being delivered on silver plate somewhere in the end of this book.

Everyone is encouraged to find its own meaning following the signs this story reveals.
Having said that, The Alchemist is more than worth to take its place on Wise Words books' shelf. ViralCheck score of 54% should eliminate any doubts whether this story is worth your attention.

Simple Magical Things

No dramatization when saying The Alchemist has all what it takes to make miracles happen.

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Wise Words

You just need to notice and let them in. Since so many readers are searching to read books online for free, Coelho's Alchemist is a must read for those who wake up with that something-has-to-be-changed feeling every morning.

Many things can be changed and you don't need some special preparations for that.

After a couple of pages (or minutes, since The Alchemist is available as an audio book free listen online too) the storyline begins to spread it's simple but magical things.

This is like a trademark imprinted on many works by Choelho.

Author's gift to touch and stir deep existential issues with such an easy elegance could be compared only with existential creation of Richard Bach.

The simplicity of wisdom shared on the pages of The Alchemist creates something what is at least a perfect reading. At least.

Like said before chances are you will get a lot more than that.

Crystal Glasses

Coelho's stories are full of journeys.

Being no exception The Alchemist tells us a story about a journey of a young shepherd named Santiago. Every journey begins in the mind of the person. Then it realizes and takes its shape on physical world.

The Alchemist connects these two kinds of journeys leading the reader through the searches and discoveries, both - physical and spiritual.

And where those crystal glasses came from? Take it as a vivid metaphor of making your inner-self crystalline as those glasses.

This was one of the first signs Santiago had to notice and understand on his journey. Coelho believes in signs showing up in unexpected occasions in our lives. Follow these signs and your journey will lead you to yourself.

Idea so simple to understand yet not so simple to materialize.

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