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Why to read books online for free when you may simply listen to them?

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This is a natural question since listening to audio books instead of sitting in your armchair with reading glasses is becoming more and more popular.

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin audiobook free download will let you follow this amazing story wherever you will be, just put your headphones on.

About the Story

Trying not to reveal too much of a plot it is enough to say that A Storm of Swords is another great turn in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

The series so far has been a brilliant reconstruction of the high fantasy genre, using well-known fantasy tropes to tell fascinating political intrigue stories instead of simple quests to defeat monsters. 

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The politics help ground the story in enough emotional reality that you really care about the characters, which makes the appearance of dragons and other flights of fancy more interesting, not less.

The characters are memorable and well developed, defying stereotypes about the fantasy genre. 

A Storm of Swords has great continuity with the first book of the series – A Game of Thrones, and guides the reader through the plot arcs that continue throughout.

It is a fairly long book, which can be difficult to get through at times, but it is well worth the effort.

Anyway – does any fantasy fan ever complain that the story is too long? Listen or read books online for free gives you the opportunity to feel and live with this fantasy story for many hours.

Any Favorites?

Queen Daenerys is one of my favorite female characters ever, and continues leveraging what power she has in an unjust world. I loved watching her liberate the Astapor slaves. However, queen Daenery isn’t the only one.

The book has so many different plot points and points of view that it instantly gets an epic scope and feel, as we follow characters in many different regions. 

A Storm of Swords book deserved every award it was nominated for, and, I believe, would have gotten the Hugo award in a year without the Harry Potter series. Future novels in the series will have even better luck, now that the Harry Potter series is finished.

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