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It’s time to read books online for free. Let’s choose something swift and enjoyable (yet a bit predictable) this time.

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The Innocent – a novel by David Baldacci seems to be just a right choice if you were looking for a non-binding reading for your next weekend.

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It is no doubt this book is a perfect match for our Coffee Break collection.

Hitman Took a Hit

The plot seems to be quite simple at first glance. Will Robie - a professional killer (since it’s his profession, let’s call him more professional – assassin) does his job very well.

Until he fails. When he realizes his next double target is a mother with a child he refuses to kill them.

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This does not save them, however, Will Robie manages to escape from the second shooter who was sent to “clean up the mess” Robie left with his unfinished assignment.

The story of running, hiding and seeking for a truth begins.

This is not a “B class” movie alike story where one tough guy shoots other less tough guys and lives happily ever after. The Innocent offers more than another dull thriller. What is it?

Thoughts about moral and characters of main actors on the scene of this sharp story.

Format of the Book

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Coffee Break

This edition of The Innocent has an option to switch between listening and reading it. You choose it.

But let’s say a couple more words about the plot itself.

The action never stops. You may feel a tension mixed with suspicions and feeling of being followed. If you, the reader, suddenly begin to feel like you are being followed by bad guys with cold rifles, you may say the author has succeeded.

There is a secondary plot as well. Will meets (saves, actually) the 14 year old girl named Julie.

Characters seem to be very different – both in their age and… lifestyle. However, history evolves and shows us unexpected things about Julie. Traveling together Will and Julie will undergo a lot of unexpected turns and answer a lot of answers.

The Innocent by David Baldacci is a good choice for action lovers looking to read books online for free.

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