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Scrolling down the online free books list one particular title should attract your attention.

The Hunger Games, first book of the trilogy, by Suzanne Collins - highly recognizable title among admirers of fiction drama.

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What is ViralCheck?

I mean it.

Even if you are one of those readers (just like me) deliberately avoiding stories which became so popular so fast.

Pop story doesn't necessarily mean bad or shallow story. Even better when this story is available among online free books.

What’s For Take Away?

What we get from this story is a modern view of cruel games of humanity.

Not without a hope.

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Striving to change the world begins in poor cabins of districts’ inhabitants. It goes further into the Hunger Games under the thousands of TV cameras.

It takes roots in our minds (ViralCheck counts stunning 91%).

Attractive reading (or listening with an option to choose audio books free online) worth Big Hits category for developing the global story through the eyes of a young woman.

Future, Hunger and Anger

This story takes us to the future. Supposedly not so distant future in the place once called United States of America.

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 The new geopolitical structure is called Panem, consisting of twelve districts and a Capitol.

The view emerging in front of the reader reminds post-apocalyptic scenario. Inhabitants of the twelve districts struggle to survive being surrounded by ruins of used-to-be civilization.

However, the biggest enemy is the modern Capitol city.

Some scenes of this story may remind the views from today's news where armed government forces are fighting back rebel civilians.

Two Layer Storyline

Fight for civil rights and justice is the background of The Hunger Games.

The second layer evolves around one particularly cruel "invention" of the Capitol - event called Hunger Games and broadcasted to all inhabitants of Panema.

Games where each year two young participants, as a rule - a girl and a boy are being elected from each of the twelve districts.

They are trained and...

What goes next could be described as a smart mix between old time’s gladiator stories and survivalism science fiction genre.

Storyline imaginative touches several themes melting them all into one picture of people killing each other, people sacrificing for the ones they love, finally, people "consuming" all this cruel show just for fun.

The times may change; nature of human stays the same. Story definitely worth more than mere teenagers’ bestseller title.

When Rules Break

Protagonist, a girl named Katniss Everdeen takes the "lucky ticket" into the games instead of her little sister.

Is it possible for a young girl to break the rules which are protected by the system with such vigilance? Off course, this story couldn't be so attractive without a positive answer.

However, long way lies ahead. First step - to survive the Hunger Games.

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