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Owners of MP3 players for audio books have been waiting for this opportunity for a while.

ViralCheck 79%
Big Hits

What is ViralCheck?

This time celebration comes to the camp of science fiction fans.

The story called Cloud Atlas, originally written by David Mitchell and now already having its show time in cinemas all around the globe digs deeper than ordinary description "science fiction story about time tangles" could suggest.

Are We Interested?

Being a proud member of Big Hits category of books, Cloud Atlas tells us a story about connections. They are all around us.

mp3 players for audio books

Between people. Between lives. Between our choices.

Take your eyes from daily things. They don't matter here, up on the clouds. Significant numbers of readers have done so already.

It seems they are happy with their decision to choose this story, since ViralCheck meter vibrates at 79% value.

Mystery of Life in MP3 Format

Words you hear create images in your mind.

Some have to learn to notice them, some see them immediately. But when you finally free your imagination, whole new worlds may reveal in front or your eyes. “Personal cinema” effect in your head.

Since we are talking about e audio books here, you will only need some MP3 player to get the advantages of "personal cinema" in your mind.

Get yourself comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and better be sure you have a clear vision of clouds through your window while listening to this story.
Good thoughts need open space.

Mix of these components should be sufficient to experience this story in all its beauty.

By the way, MP3 players for audio books aren't some special kind of devices. Once you download your copy of Cloud Atlas audio book, simple conventional MP3 player is all what you need.

Push “play” when all is set.

What Hides Behind the Clouds?

Behind is sophisticated storyline about the same mistakes and lessons in different lives.

Characters are meeting again and again in different lives and different ages. There are six separate episodes in this story line.

What seems being separate stories at the beginning turns out to be connected via unexpected links in the end.

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Big Hits

Lives are changing their directions in this story and the reader has no other choice left than to follow them. Do we have our preset destiny, or do we have a choice?

And what does the Universe have to say about it? What forces determine our lives? Fear, love, believe – the author presents them as mighty powers that exist even without us being somewhere around. Forces that exceed the understanding of man and directs our lives.

Do we own our lives?

Cloud Atlas leaves us with a message – we must fight to be free and to learn our lessons. If not in this than in the following life.

Last thing - get yourself an unabridged version of this audio book. It is not worth shortening your pleasure time. More than five hundred pages of book give you more than nineteen hours hearing pleasure.

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