Free mp3 Audio Books – This Time Catchy Story about Circus and Men

Scanning the list of available free mp3 audio books eyes stumble upon this one.


Because it is one of those stories told in a very simple yet attractive manner leaving you something inside after you finish them.

ViralCheck 52%
Quality Time

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The author, Sara Gruen, likes to involve animals into her stories. Water for Elephants is no exception.

Being a historical fiction book taking us back to Great Depression times in America, Water for Elephants is also a story of one man and his love.

However, circus is involved everywhere. Like a background of the story, or even… like an independent character of the book.

Living life of his own no matter what is happening with the main characters.

Which is Your Part?

Whether you love circus or not, you will find something to take with you if your free mp3 audio books search will end up with this persuasive story.

free mp3 audio books

There is a part for everyone in this story –history lovers, circus lovers, admirers of romantic stories, finally believers in good and persuasive literature.

Written with quality Water for Elephants deserves to fall into the category of Quality Time books with ViralCheck score showing solid 52%

The Show Must Go On

And it does. Jacob Jankowski – a young man just graduated his veterinarian studies, quite accidently joins the circus modestly named Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth.

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Quality Time

Storyline of this book is switching between two different times.

We meet Jacob when he is already an old man but slips to reminiscences about his young life, back in 1930’s, when one tragic day the only obvious way for him was to jump into the freight train passing by his hometown and disappear in the night.

A young man wakes up on the train of traveling circus. It doesn’t take long until he meets Marlina, the girl of his dreams.

Starting line of a new life of protagonist looks clear. However, the finish still lies in very uncertain future.

Time Travel

Interesting and well researched historical background is one of the strengths of Water for Elephants. Sara Gruen tells her story so imaginative and real, that you begin to catch yourself thinking you have been there by yourself.

Jumping between two different times of the story doesn’t bother you either.

It is interesting to feel the changes in the world-view of the protagonist. Since the story is told in first person you have the chance to listen to both – a young, man taking his first steps in real world, and an old man looking back to his past.

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