Free Comic Books Online about a Man who Acts like a Spider

Free comic books online are not so easy to find. Especially those from American famous Marvel house of comics.

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Coffee Break

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So that is why it was so attractive to stumble upon free audio file of Spider-Man 2 on Amazon trial version.

Since this is an audio book and not a free online book reading, listening to this story unfolds some unexpected and new experiences.

Philosophies Aside. It’s Action Time

Indeed, it is probably a bit too ambitious to extract philosophy out of the Spider-Man (it is not impossible, though).

free comic books online

Readers are looking for a story created with one distinguished purpose - to wash away every bit of reality when the comic book is in their hands (or headphones on their ears).

Search for free comic books online returned me this particular result – product of Marvel. It takes 2 hours and 19 minutes of listening. It takes much more time to forget it. Fair enough.

Having no doubt Spider-Man is a perfect product for Coffee Break nomination. I am sure- light reading doesn’t mean bad reading. Everything depends on the purpose why you read.

Many people think the same way raising the score of ViralCheck to the heights of 57%. Well done, Mr. Parker.

Kids, Teens and Grown-up Kids

Marvel studio with Stann Lee in front of it is a place where many American comic heroes were born and raised. Some of them are mature enough to see how generation of their followers has changed.


since Marvel heroes such as Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, X-Men, Iron Man and, finally, Spider-Man himself were exported to the whole world, popularity and number of followers of these comic stories seems to retain their former fame.

There will always be a need for a hero on duty.

Spider Boy Who Became a Man

There is no secret about the storyline of Spider-Man. Good against evil. Mix of adventures, beautiful women and a shy guy who eventually develops into the real hero.

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Coffee Break

Isn’t this a story every one of us sometimes (secretly, because publicly we don’t believe in kids bedtime stories anymore) dream about?

Ever since Peter Parker (publicly recognized as Spider-Man) realizes what he can do with his powers, his life becomes more and more… What? You think easier and happier?

Quite opposite. It turns out life of a hero is not an easy path.

Official status of a hero has much to do with responsibility and public duties. Such moral of the story is inescapable, even if this story is about Spider-Man.

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