Free Christian Audio Books – Classical Work about Community of Thoughts

Everyone looking for free Christian audio books should begin with C.S. Lewis’s classical work Mere Christianity.

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Wise Words

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Although being a wide scope writing about fundamentals of Christianity this audio book sounds very refreshing and clear.

C.S. Lewis (also the author of popular fiction story The Chronicles of Narnia) has managed to take a deep look inside the essence of human believe, prejudices and God without making it too hard to follow.

The story is told in light and persuasive manner and contains three separate parts.

The content for the book was originally taken from the radio lectures taught by C.S. Lewis back in 1940’s.

Is It Still Needed?

In our modern world (“modern” meaning more stress and less peace of mind) the thoughts about essential postulates of Christianity are more than welcome.

free christian audio books

In our modern world (“modern” meaning more stress and less peace of mind) the thoughts about essential postulates of Christianity are more than welcome.

I will try to make it clear – this book doesn't intend to define who is and who is not a Christian.

Christians are not allowed to judge others after all.
Among millions of other online e books about religion this one is really worth your time.

Told in some kind of magnetic and clear manner Mere Christianity earns 46% on ViralCheck and finds its place in Wise Words gallery.

Community of Thoughts

Served as an infantry man in a First World War C.S. Lewis knew what the sense of community is.

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Wise Words

He projects his thoughts about Christianity emphasizing what is common in Christian doctrine.

Having in mind various different tenets among Rome Catholics, Anglican Church and other lines of Christianity, the author is not trying to convince anyone to deny his principles of belief.

Among various free Christian audio books you may find online, Mere Christianity distinguishes with its ambition to find cornerstones of what is common for all Christians.

Community of thoughts and ethical principles is what the author finds and explains in his work.

Conclusions Through the Critics

C.S. Lewis shares impressively clear insight about human belief. He does not hesitate to raise questions and re-think our “routine” thinking about what is Christianity and what’s its purpose in our lives.

Being expressed more than seventy years ago C.S. Lewis thoughts remain as actual, as back then when the WWII broke out on our planet. Is Christian the one who accepts the common doctrines of Christianity?

Or is there some other answer waiting to be found?

What if the people strictly following all Christian doctrines are much further from the essence of Christianity than others who believe in their hearts but pay not so much attention to the doctrines?

You won’t find many free Christian books online analyzing fundamental truths of Christianity with so logical thinking.

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