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Looking for free books to read online? What about a story of friendship. Pursuit of better life and better things.

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Might sound a bit boring at first look. But that would be a definitely wrong impression about Kathryn Stockett’s story called The Help.

This story leaves that cozy warm feeling inside. When you believe people are good and great stories are waiting just around the corner for their chance to happen.

And this is true. Welcome to Jackson, Mississippi, back in early 70’s.

Written to be Heard

This story of Kathryn Stockett touches very sensitive issues of superstitious beliefs of society. Not only the relationship between different skin colors.

Relationship between mother and daughter, old and new way of thinking in society is being analyzed here as well.

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If you’re looking for free books to read online (or to listen), this story should be one of the first candidates.

Where to Find and What’s It About?

I use Amazon online bookstore to find my stories to read (or to listen). With all those free books to read online try something new this time – experience a real storytelling.

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Big Hits

You will find this audio book download free online. Quite attractive format for those who are on the move.

But let’s go back to the story.

Usual daily routine of sleepy suburbs of Jackson welcomes the reader. Aibileen, black maid and her black friend named Minny are best friends.

Working hard in the houses of white ladies during their days and sharing their no easy life stories in the evenings. It seems there are no chances for them to break out of this circle.

Skeeter, young lady which returns back home after her studies in college, has another opinion. She is about to change the course of things happening in Jackson.

No more disrespect. No more sneering.

But how is it possible for one young woman to change something that is rooted so deep in minds of people? Even black maids are suspicious about Skeeter. But she has a plan.

How to Change Unchangeable

Good portion of courage to think different, persistence to follow you dreams and… a bit of impertinence where it is necessary.

The Help is the story that leads us through the labyrinths of human stereotypes. No matter their color, both, white and black, characters of this book were against young Skeeter’s will of changes. However, once first step is made big things begin to happen.

Isn’t this how our lives go? What was impossible yesterday is already here today. Just like those magic stories waiting around the corner.

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