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One audio book among free audio books downloads available online should stick to every lawyer's mind.

It’s called The Firm.

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Coffee Break

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Written by the used-to-be-lawyer John Grisham this story was a real pleasure to find it on audio book format.

Exact the right story for the car audio while slowly crawling in traffic jam on the way to luxurious law office every morning.

Readers’ Judgment

Pick The Firm or any of other titles from Grisham's free audio books downloads and you will get a perfect Coffee Break reading pleasure.

The pleasure causing you feverish thoughts about creating the wise alibi how did you spent the last couple of hours. ViralCheck score of 46% proves I'm telling the truth.

Unusual Law Routine

Saying John Grisham has invented modern law-thriller or at least significantly contributed to development of this genre wouldn't be any overstatement.

free audio books downloads

Since real law routine isn't something the reader would admire for more than 37 seconds, The Firm (as every of John Grisham's law fiction books) has to offer something more than dull office reality.

There are not so many free audio books on line between law and fiction.

And exactly this is the space where talent (and experience) of the author may spread the wings.

BMW for Free?

Free is nothing (yet, you may find and listen The Firm as an audio book among other free audio books downloads, but that's already a different story).

This is the truth a young Harvard Law graduated protagonist named Mitch McDeere realizes after he gets his first job in reputable law firm Bendini, Lambert & Locke of Memphis. What seemed like a perfect place to begin the legal career worth dreaming of turned out to be something different...

Protagonist finds out his legal firm is nothing but a perfect place to lose everything he has. Thriller begins. No sweet dreams for a young ambitious lawyer.

How Grisham Makes It?

Just like said before legal routine isn't something you could attract your readers’ attention for more than one page (one book at the best).

More titles from category...

Coffee Break

However, it looks like Mr Grisham has found that magic "law can be amazing" formula.

Magnificent court buildings, mahogany offices, new shiny cars (what do you think about my new Lexus?), intrigues and big money. That's the ingredients the author pours in so wisely in his books.

Is this it? No.

There is a lot more than shiny surface of shiny law firms and cutting edge brand suits. There is a man behind all this. And this is where the biggest pleasure of reading is waiting for you.

Lively characters and wisely interlaced personal storylines are those main ingredients enabling the formula "law can be amazing" to work.

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