Free Audio Books Downloads – Are We Still Seeking for Stars?

You couldn’t expect the search of free audio books downloads would bring you something so famous and almost legendary as this science fiction story about Solaris.

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When Stanislaw Lem, one of the most famous science fiction writers of his generation, was writing his story called Solaris, human beings have not been discovered alien life forms yet.

That was back in 60’s. 1961 to be exact.

Where Is Solaris?

No doubt, this book belongs to Big Hits category.

Created back in 1961 and still attracts a lot of attention and interpretations. Two films are based upon this story even theater plays are being created.

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Having in mind the enormous amount of science fiction stories created in the time gap between 1961 and today, Solaris still reaches impressive 36% score on ViralCheck and without any doubt finds its place in Hall of Fame of science fiction genre.

Did Something Changed Since 1961?

With Mars rover named Curiosity sniffing around outskirts of Mars and sending curious messages for us eagerly waiting down here on Earth, we still have no signs of life out there. Being science fiction fan, I want to add “yet”.


Meanwhile online fiction books are the only source about extraterrestrial life.
When free audio books downloads offered Solaris as one of the search results, there was no doubt what I will be doing the next 7 hours and 42 minutes.

If you considering yourself being a science fiction fan or… you like to point your eyes to the stars sometimes, or… you like free audio books downloads - this story is for you.

How Do They Look Like?

Definitely no little green man (where did this picture came from anyway? Hollywood again?...) acts on this story.

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Big Hits

Stanislaw Lem depicts alien life form much more sophisticated than this popular image on many online fiction books.

Alien life is like avatar.

Mirror of ourselves. Coming from thoughts and memories. Materializing from nothing into something real and very intimate.

Like dead wife of the main character Kris Kelvin. She is with him again. She’s back. But is “it” really Kelvin’s wife?

This story is not like those we are (sadly) used to undergo in pop science fiction genre. It is calm psychological drama. But what looks calm at the first sight, becomes something totally unexpected when the story evolves.

What would you choose – your rational mind (or at least the rest what is left of it) or “real” things happening close to you?

In fact as close as your feelings.

Art of Science Fiction and Psychology

There are many interpretations of Solaris. They are all wrong and they are all right at the same time. Why? Because our minds are different. And this is the instrument on which the author is playing his masterpiece.

Human thrown into total Unknown.

When reality steps back and dreams become real. Would we still be able to keep that little something what makes us human? Dive into this story and find your own answer. Solaris waits for you.

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