Doctor Who Audio Books
Time Traveling Story Continues in Your Headphones

Doctor Who audio books remind me the whole generation of Sci-Fi believers and lovers who have grown with Mr. Doctor Who in their minds and on TV screens.

ViralCheck 97%
Coffee Break

What is ViralCheck?

Broadcasting companies felt revenues immediately when Dr. Who became really famous.

So this story got a lot of broadcasting time and raised the whole generation of its fans.

Do People Talk?

Should I say this whole epic story is great?

I believe I should not. It’s obvious. With 50 years anniversary in year 2013 Doctor Who takes his well-deserved place in hall of fame among such titles as Star Wars and Star Trek (number of different titles about Doctor Who stories available on Amazon online book store backs this proposition).

doctor who audio books

People talk a lot about Doctor Who. Even another great British gentlemen, Mr. James Bond, could be a bit jealous about that.

Well, let’s say territory of “work” of Doctor Who is wider than that of Mr. Bond’s. The World is really not enough for Doctor Who.

Having said that ViralCheck results are very impressive showing us score of 97%.

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Coffee Break

Well done Mr. Who! No surprise – doc Who is one of the oldest science fiction shows on TV.

Imagine granddad with his grandchild sitting together and watching new series of Doctor Who. Due to its long lasting life and popularity such an idyllic view is quite possible.

It looks like this great hero and his Police Box is still all around us these days. From little souvenirs to Halloween party themes. Incredible fame of the old Mr. Doctor Who indeed.

Doctor Who Speaks

Talking about Who's audio stories, there are plenty of titles online. At least more than two hundred titles placed on Amazon online book store. Stories told in delicate British accent add even more spices to the final product. All ready to meet your ears.

So… Doctor's stories would easily fit into the Big Hits category of However, don’t be mad at me, I’m putting it into the section of Coffee Break

Every science fiction fan would agree with me that couple of spare minutes (well… more spare time would be better since Doctor Who audio books are approximately couple of hours long. Each...) spent with Doctor Who are always a wise investment of your coffee break time.

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