Audio Books on Line of the Cyberspace – Border Between the Worlds

Audio books on line of the cyberspace – I believe correct name of the stories about the other world we live in.

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Coffee Break

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Or at least getting closer to it every day (intentionally or not). It’s called cyberworld.

Plenty of science fiction audio books are already out there telling us the stories about the other reality. However, one particular story has found its way to wider audiences of science fiction consumers and fans.

It is called Ready Player One.

Welcome. World Has Just Been Created For You

Have you heard anything about the online site (cyberworld would be better description, perhaps, due to its enormous size) called SecondLife?

audio books on line

In short – it’s the artificial world online, where you can be anyone or… anything.

Some worldwide known companies, such as Microsoft or eBay even organize job interviews there. If your avatar gets the job, you go to work.

Anyway, story Ready Player One has its place, call it chat room, out there. Cyberplace to meet your cyberfriends, share impressions about the book.

Or even represent yourself as one of the book characters.

It’s already something more than just a story, isn’t it? Audio books on line of the cyberspace aren't looking so fictional anymore.

Published in 2012, this book has already earned 32% ViralCheck score. The thing has gone viral and yes, it is perfect match to Coffee Break category. Catchy storyline, wide spaces for your fantasy.

Story Called Ready Player One is About…

Cyber-pleasure. Sign-in and escape the dull reality. Ernest Cline brings us to the world where humanity lives in some kind of voluntary matrix.

The main character of this audio book, named Wade Watts, spends his days in OASIS (does it sound like familiar rock band back from 90’s?).

Everything looks nice, easy, attractive.

Until one day he stumbles upon the opportunity – clue to the puzzle game which everyone in OASIS is trying to solve. The lucky one will be rewarded with enormous prize – only this time in real life. It turns out that cyber opportunity becomes a life threat in real world of Wade Watts.

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Coffee Break

What will Wade Watts choose? Ordinary real life or dangerous cyber dream? What is “real” after all?

There are plenty of clues and cultural background of pop culture, especially video gaming, from last decades of the twentieth century.

Fells good - like going back home for those readers who have been consumers of pop-culture back in 80’s and 90’s.

While the story line really captures your mind and gives hours of reading or listening (15 hrs and 46 mins to be exact) pleasure, the author touches deeper topics so familiar and actual to our days world.

Are we going to play love and life in some kind of cyber-matrix one day? Will your avatar be more precious than your real “you”? Plug-in and test this idea yourself.

Among all science fiction audio books fans, this story is for those restless souls seeking for their cyber-escape from our daily routine. Here it is.

Consider this audio book as a gate. Sit down. Plug-in. Escape.

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