Ruined Audio Book Reader under Italian Sun

Audio book reader loaded with the taste of Italy and Hollywood. Quite unexpected mix at first glance; however novelist Jess Walter manages to put together these two sides of the story – filming of Cleopatra (1962), legendary Hollywood movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton under the Italian sun and…

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Coffee Break

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Hollywood of our days. Venue and time has changed.

One thing has left unchanged – Hollywood has always been a tough place to stay on top of it without crashing something (or someone) into ruins.

Do Readers Like Ruins?

Since taking its place on book shelters and in memory of audio book readers this story has muddled the waters of satiric fiction novels.

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The meal prepared from deep questions about life served with a delicious satiric sauce has been accepted very well by many fiction novels gourmands.
This gives a strong 45% ViralCheck score for the new story of Jess Walter.

Despite no easy questions about life, this book is a very capturing reading well finding its place in our category of Coffee Break books.

Although many readers claim they have sacrificed their sleeping hours instead of their coffee brakes, you may find this title among online books for free, and listen to it on your way to work (or laying on the beach in Italy).

What to Say?

There are many responses out there saying Beautiful Ruins is a satiric peace of literature about all those crazy things happening in our lives. Crazy things invented by us – humans. Crazy thing called Hollywood.

The author says he didn’t aim to write a comedy, the thing is – many things and happenings in our lives are naturally comic.

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Coffee Break

Perfect narrator’s work will help audio book reader to notice this satire unfolding via subtle intonations of the storyteller.

Italy, its ruins and cozy forgotten Italian cost town are chosen as a background of this story.

At least a part of it, which finally leads us to our days of film industry. Shining surfaces and a lot of ruins invisible at first sight under them is what we find in this story.

The author draws a catching story line and walks around many kinds and types of ruins. Not only love.

Love story ruined in 1962, expands into much wider plot – life story of each character of this novel. Ruined self expectations, ruined personalities.

The idea is about choices we make. Choice between right and wrong.

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