Audio Book Publishers
Have Found another Way to End the World

To be honest, not only audio book publishers found another way to end the world. Justin Cronin, American born talented writer cooperated with them.

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Coffee Break

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He calls himself an “Author of long books in which many people die."

Well, perhaps it’s one of the best epithets for an author who already published two impressive stories about the end of the world as we know it.


Online world is full of hints, comments and traces of this story. It seems like the people welcomed it very well.

Perhaps some of them were already tired from those teenagers’ vampire stories? With such a viral word of mouth and Hollywood film on the way (one of the best ways to tell that the story comes even closer to Big Hits category) this book earns 50% ViralCheck score.

Why Did They Die?

Government again. Making all those never ending experiments in secret dungeons laying deep underground in distant places.

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Everything begins (well, actually, ends) when the results of those experiments kill their guards and escape. Into our world which suddenly becomes not ours.

The Passage is the first book of the trilogy. Second is already in bookstores too. The third comes in 2014. How to describe another story about the end of our civilization and life after that?

Mr. Justin Cronin tells his post-civilization story in similar kind of way like Mr. Stephen King does. These guys do not really leave their readers alone until the story is finished.

Dark times and even darker nights are all what’s left for survivors. And it captures readers mind.

Every next page of this book (or every next minute of this story, thanks to audio book publishers) gives you a feeling that you are so small and the world became so huge, wild and unexplored again.

Is There Anything New?

Yes, there is. Quite a lot, actually.

Story told in non-linear line adds even more spice to this book.

Reminiscences from the world it used to be before end put all the dots in the right places and help to understand what’s really happening and why survivors need to live without seeing night sky and stars.

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Coffee Break

Don’t make a mistake – this story is not a traditional vampire story.

No sexy vampires drinking whiskey and living in their luxurious gothic castles. The book unleashes the fear in its deepest meaning. You wouldn’t fall in love with such a vampire…

This kind of approach is quite unexpected in today’s vampire pop-culture. It’s nice that Justin Cronin has shared an honest view about vampires with his readers.

And be careful – the story is really long.

If you love it, you will need to rearrange your daily routine and find additional reading time, or listen to an audio book on your way to work. Or during your Coffee Break.

It captures. And these are not some empty words.

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