Audio Book Free – The Story about the Boy
and the Tiger

Before you listen to this audio book free on audiobook store, you may find interesting to hear several thoughts about it.

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Wise Words

What is ViralCheck?


Because this story has received a lot of very controversial responses.

What’s the most interesting – even those who didn’t like this book said they are glad they read it.

Word of Readers

If Yann Martel wanted to encourage attention and discussions among readers and critics, he has definitely succeeded.

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Unlike many other online fiction books this one has to offer wide variety of impressions and thoughts to be taken with you.

From adventure to religion and life philosophy.

In the way that only a lonely survivor boy can describe. This story deserves its place on the shelf of Wise Words

People always try to find the truth. Whether you like this book or not it is worth reading.

Thoughts provoked by the book are often more important than the story itself. Solid 54% score on ViralCheck backs this view.

Survivalism in Wider Point of View

Don’t be misled by the simplicity of this story. It is not like many other online fiction books where the plot is as shallow as plash after the rain. Life of Pi is different.

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Wise Words

It digs deeper. Into the abyss of the ocean if such inelegant comparison may be used here. The author even claims you will begin to believe in God after finishing this story.

Since the plot of this book is divided into three parts, reader is able to get the whole picture and context (some claim even to detailed context) about the protagonist and his adventures.

First – we see Pi’s life in India town, working and living in a zoo.

Second – we follow him during his boat trip into the new world and life. Trip which ends tragically. Boat sinks. The boy survives in the little lifeboat.
And he is not alone. Several animals have survived too. Bengal tiger (hungry and scarred) is along with them. Survivalism begins.

Finally, we meet Pi on the coast again. He is alive and has a story to share.

How Do you Hear the Words of Pi?

This story is told in first person. Pi himself leads us through his world and experiences. Both – mental and physical.

As said before you may get this audio book free, anyway, it won’t be an easy listening. Story has several layers.

If you will be able to see through the surface of the daily life and physical struggle to survive, the story will open its philosophy for you.

What separates us, human, from the animals?

Does the beast escaped from death together with a boy represent evil powers of the world? Or maybe the tiger only tries to stay alive just like the boy named Pi does? Will the beast and the boy find that fragile equilibrium to stay alive both?

Who knows, maybe you will find your own truth on pages of Life of Pi

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