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If so, welcome to Westeros - the land of coming winter. Noble families, battles, undead hordes (still on the other side of the Great Wall, thanks God), deep dark forests, dragons, beautiful (and cunning) princesses and political intrigues.

These would be the most exact hints about this story.

Sir Eddard Stark to Presidents!

What impact this story does to its followers?

Quite impressive, I would say. There are even online rumors what fictional character would be the best fit to take the duties of the President of the United States.

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Ser Eddard Stark, the king of Winterfell – one of the kingdoms’ in this story, is a popular answer to this question!

What this tells us about the influence of this book (also possible as audio book free download mp3)? Answer this question by yourself.

The story by George R.R. Martin shows us solid 62% ViralCheck score.

Why This Book?

You might say you have heard about all of this many times before. So, why should you bother and invest your time into this book?

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You should, because George R.R. Martin tells his story as if he has spent at least half of his life in Westeros by himself.

Characters of this epic fantasy saga (the title “Song of Ice and Fire” is the first of the whole saga) are depicted very lively.

You may love them or hate them. However, this story gets you into it. Even unwillingly, you choose your side. One of the noble families fighting for their place under the Westeros sun.

Game of power is what this story is basically about.

What’s New?

Theme is not new. How could it be after all? Already the heroes of classic British literature, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, were telling us attractive stories about politics of swords and magic.

However… a Game of Thrones tries to tell us medieval fantasy story from a different angle. To my opinion it succeeds.

The width and depth of this story puts it closer to such legend as J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. With all those folk legends, fiction history facts, maps and a lot of other background details the reader of Game of Thrones may begin to feel like this fantasy story comes much closer to reality.

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