Time to Read Audio Books!

Welcome. This site gives you a closer look at books – best audio titles – and helps you find audio books online, chosen by several criteria.
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Why? To make your time dedicated for books more valuable and joyful.

And… make you able to read your chosen book while you are on the way, in the car, jogging, making dinner, or having lazy day at work. Just put your headphones on and read.

What you get from this site, is a starter list of truly great books. Find audio book worth your valuable time here on New Fox Books.com

Good Thing No.1 -  ViralCheck

ViralCheck shows you a score. The bigger the score, the more influence, readers’ attention and online buzz has each particular book listed on this site.

ViralCheck is a small but, I believe, useful method that measures book’s or author’s popularity and influence in various readers’ audiences.

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ViralCheck here

Good Thing No.2 - FoxMatch

FoxMatch helps you to choose the literature work you are looking for (even unconsciously). It evaluates different moods of creation, different segments and types of literature.

FoxMatch filter divides books into the following categories…

Try Audible Now and Get A FREE Audiobook!

Coffee Break your break to enjoy. Take this book and leave the unnecessary aside. It is your time. Books in this category are created for your escape time. Just like coffee break…

Big Hits - whether justly or not, some books earn lot more readers' love than the other. Having said that, let’s take a peek into this hall of fame. Top selling eBooks that became viral and beloved by many.

Wise Words- useful like a good old penknife in your pocket. Wise words from people which have to say something useful to you. From simple “How to?” advises to the purpose of life.

Quality Time - feels like a Mississippi blues. Once you go down the flow, you can’t stop. Good books are just like that too. eBooks of this category found their way to many readers' hearts. And now these titles are just one mouse click away from you.

What's This All About?

There are simply too many good audio books and types of literature in the world to read and cover them all. So, you have to choose.

Every book is like a little investment of your time. Depending on the content, genres of literature and quality of the title you read, this investment may be good or…

So, as a professional reader, I have decided to do something about it..

What's In It For You?

In front of the enormous amount of books (really good books) online and genres of literature, this site provides you with a list of top books.

Every single page of this site tells a separate story about one of the proud members on this list. All throughout this site you will find...

Bottom line - every book has found its way to my list not accidentally. What’s left for you?

Discover. Enjoy. Listen...